About Us

The job market is broken

In a world brimming with platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed and countless recruiting agencies, it’s baffling how job hunting remains a daunting, often demoralizing journey. Why should job seekers, even those with years of experience, endure months of frustration, uncertainty, and dead ends?

Our mission: Don’t fix, reinvent

Let’s reimagine job seeking: You get a white-glove service where the heavy lifting is done for you. Imagine finding the perfect job — one that ignites passion, accelerates career growth, and boosts income — is the norm, not the exception. Too good to be true? We’re committed to turning this vision into reality.

Who we are

We’ve walked the path you’re on — as both job seekers and hiring managers, we’ve felt the deep frustrations of the current system firsthand. Our conversations with hundreds of others revealed the immense scale of this challenge. As seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully grown pioneering products to over a hundred million users, we’re convinced that a change is possible. We strongly believe in the life-transforming power of the right job in bringing growth, joy and fulfillment.
Helping you get there is our drive, our passion, and our unwavering commitment.